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From Inside a Comic Mind: Sneak Preview

April 23, 2010

My upcoming exhibition From Inside a Comic Mind is in one month. It will be held at nine-on-seven artspace on Thursday June 3rd from 6pm.

Nine on Seven is an artspace located at the Rooftop Cinema, top floor of Curtin House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne.

  The exhibition will consist of nine non-sequential comic dioramas made out of card.  Here are a few photos and sketches from the works in progress.  Right-Click and View Image to enlarge!

Here is the messy workspace and some art from a diorama called Shampoo.

A concept and illustration for a piece imaginitively titled Dogmouth.  Note the little scraps of screen tone above her head.  If you don’t stick the offcuts somewhere, they float around and get stuck to your feet and hair.

Twin Galaxies.  That long arm of his drove me nuts.

Nightmare Toilets. Probably the most elaborate diorama of the lot.

Georgian Life.

I may not reveal much more, otherwise what’s the point in coming to the opening night? 

Make sure to visit to see more of my art in the meantime!

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